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Ultimate Guide to Showing Off White Rock

White Rock Pier BC, Canada

You have some family or friends coming to town and you want to show them a good time? Obviously you have to bring them to White Rock. We boast such a beautiful town with cool shopping, great restaurants, and of course the big bad ocean!

To show someone the absolute best of our beautiful city you should plan ahead. Not to worry, we have taken the liberty of creating a little itinerary for you just in case you needed some ideas. Lets dive into our guide to showing off White Rock.

Breakfast 9AM

One of the local favourites for an amazing breakfast is the Wooden Spoon. Located in the heart of uptown White Rock, the Wooden Spoon is a hip brunch & bistro that is loaded with character. They are proud to serve the best of local ingredients and everything is made in house. If you need somewhere to start, this is a great location. Oh, get one of the bennies, you won’t regret it!

Mid Morning Activity 10:30AM

Now that you are full and ready to start adventuring around the city. Walk over to Miramar Plaza and enjoy the White Rock Farmers Market. I know that “farmers market” might not sound that great, but White Rock boasts an award winning farmers market that runs every Sunday from 10am-2pm and features great local food, artisan exhibits, live music, and activities for the kids.

Lunch 12:30PM

Maybe this list is including too many places to eat? You’re wrong. White Rock contains some of the best eats around and you don’t want to miss out while you go to McDonalds or something. For lunch you have to go to Primo’s Mexican Grill located right on the waterfront strip. This restaurant has been serving awesome food since 1959 and you might just fall in love with it.

Afternoon Activity 1:30PM

You had to see it coming, but I’m not going to apologize for it. In the afternoon you have to go on a White Rock Sea Tour whale watching adventure. You will get geared up, hop on one of our boats, and we will whisk you through the Gulf and San Juan Islands where you will get to watch whales and other animals in their natural habitats. This enchanting journey features secluded bays, secret coves, and spectacular world class scenery. We can book up though, check out our online booking to make sure you have a spot.

Dinner 6PM

After your cruise out on the water with White Rock Sea Tours you’re going to be a tad hungry again I’m sure. For dinner, you have to get fish & chips. Being that you are right on white rock pier when you get off the tour. Now for this one I will leave you with some options because there are WAY too many great places to get fish & chips right on the water. Option 1: go to Charlie Don’t Surf, they have awesome seafood, serve local craft beer (if you’re into that sort of thing), and boast a unique vibe with the decor of their restaurant. Option 2: you can walk over to east beach and get a more classic style fish & chips from Moby Dick’s. You can’t miss their truly unique store front. They serve awesome fish & chips that will fill you right up!

Dessert 7:30PM

I know you will be a little full from the seafood, but you have to get some ice cream from one of the many classic ice cream shops along the strip. I won’t even recommend one because there are so many and they are ALL awesome. Although, I would say do gelato with two scoops because why not you’re probably on vacation.

Night Time Options 8PM onwards

After you grab your ice cream (in a cup or a cone, its up to you) you can walk along the promenade, if the tide is out you can walk along the sand too. If you haven’t seen it already you can go and take pictures with the infamous ‘White Rock’. Yes, there is actually a giant white rock on the beach near the pier. It is probably getting close to sunset at this point and you have some options on how to enjoy it. You can walk out to the end of the pier with EVERYONE else or you can enjoy a unique sunset experience out on the water. That’s right, we do sunset cruises as well, for more info about them check out our sunset cruise blog post.

Wow what a full day! I am sure you will be full of the great attractions White Rock City has to offer after this itinerary. If you have suggestions on what we should add or change let us know on Instagram or Facebook with a comment or direct message.

Enjoy this beautiful city and of course,

See you out on the water!