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Marine Life Guidelines


Like Aretha said, “Give a little respect”.

​Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are very lucky to live in such close proximity to one of the ocean’s coolest inhabitants. Not only are orcas the top predator in the ocean, but they are a lot like us in many ways. They are intelligent, charismatic, playful, long-living, family-oriented neighbors.

They are good neighbors to us, providing us with entertainment, spectacular beauty to enjoy, and local jobs that support local economies.​

We should respect them by being good neighbors right back. Not only does this mean practicing some (or all) of the suggestions listed in the links to the right, it means respecting their space and freedom to do what they do. Wouldn’t you find it rude and disrespectful to look out your kitchen window as you are doing the breakfast dishes and find your neighbor a few inches from the glass staring in at you?

Give the same respect to all Marine wildlife as you would like for your self. When you’re visiting a place where you might encounter whales, on your boat or with an organized tour, please treat these magnificent animals, and every marine species, as you would your neighbor and give them some space. Thanks.