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Wild Salmon are in Great Danger

Salmon fish farm. Hordaland, Norway.

In a post earlier this month, we talked about an organization called Sea Shepherd and why we stand with them. They are currently working on a campaign that hits close to home for us.

Introducing: Operation Virus Hunter

We will link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can read a comprehensive explanation and detailed summary of their campaign, but basically wild salmon are diminishing due to salmon farming occurring in BC.

Here are a few of the negative impacts salmon farms have:

  • Salmon farms are known to be breeding grounds for diseases which can be passed easily to wild fish
  • Pollution from large and concentrated volumes of fish manure create toxic environments outside of the netting
  • Wild salmon are in steep decline wherever there are salmon farms, but remain abundant where these farms are banned (such as Alaska)
  • Whale populations are suffering the threat of extinction due to lack of salmon

Obviously, we are most worried and initially invested because of that last point, but we want to promote and work to have healthy waters for all species. No species operates in isolation, so when the Salmon are in trouble, that means that whales are down the line. We are advocating alongside Sea Shepherd to help heal this situation.

What is Sea Shepherd doing?

Sea Shepherd has brought their research vessel to the west coast of Canada to study the impact that fish farms have and work alongside biologists and indigenous peoples. Sea Shepherd is working tirelessly to let people know that farming salmon is unsustainable. The science behind fish farming is being challenged to reveal how damaging the practice really is.

What can you do?

Well as always, sharing information is a great start. Having this conversation be brought to the forefront will not only bring more awareness but it will bring change. You can also help Sea Shepherd by donating to operation Virus Hunter on their page.

We are invested in keeping whales healthy and thriving. This cause will help our beloved whales continue to prosper and live long happy lives in our beautiful waters. Remember, this is just a snapshot of what Sea Shepherd is up to, check out the full details on their campaign. Also, see what steps we take to keep whales safe and how YOU can adopt the practices.

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See you out on the water!