Why We Stand with Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd flag

You may have noticed that on our boats we fly a black flag that almost looks like a pirate flag? It’s actually the flag of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCC). The Sea Shepherds are an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife…

Why Can’t Sharks & Whales Get Along?

Orca jumping

It is interesting that on the one hand the face of a white shark strikes fear into your heart, while a killer whale fills you with awe. Don’t get me wrong, sharks are scary and they should be feared. They are like a mean kid with no friends who just wants to be feared. Whales…

The 4 Most Asked Questions We Get

Orcas in water

You may have walked by us at the end of the White Rock pier, heard about us through a friend, or saw us online somewhere. However it was, I’m sure you have some questions about whale watching or how White Rock Sea Tours does it. We want to answer some of those questions you have…

Ultimate Guide to Showing Off White Rock

White Rock Pier BC, Canada

You have some family or friends coming to town and you want to show them a good time? Obviously you have to bring them to White Rock. We boast such a beautiful town with cool shopping, great restaurants, and of course the big bad ocean! To show someone the absolute best of our beautiful city…

4 Fun Facts About Whales You Didn’t Know

Orca jumping

The mere size of a Killer Whale is striking, but there are many more amazing features that make these awesome creatures stand out. The reason people are so fascinated with whales and go on whale watching trips is because they are such powerful and incredible creatures. The size of them is one thing, but what…

Keep Whales Safe with These 5 ‘Whale Wise’ Tips

Orca fins in water

At White Rock Sea Tours we are very passionate about whales and making sure that they are treated properly. We understand that our experience comes second behind the safety of those beautiful animals. This is why we are serious about conservation and being Whale Wise. What does being Whale Wise look like? Stay out of their…

The Best Way to Experience Sunset this Summer

Sunset on water

Have you seen the magical sunsets that we have been having lately? This summer is truly bringing us light shows that are next level. The biggest problem though…Where is the best place to watch it? Maybe you just walk out your front door and take a seat right there to take in the last of…

Homeless Count Records People Living on South Surrey River

Volunteers on dock

Image Credit: Aaron Hinks1 24by Aaron Hinks – Peace Arch NewsSouth Surrey posted Mar 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM In an effort to get a point-in-time snapshot of the number of homeless people living in Metro Vancouver, volunteers took to the streets – and the water – to survey those who fall within the definition….

Saratoga Greys here for a month!

Saratoga Grey whale

In a Spring Visit, the Pacific Whale Watch Association Reports Sightings of “Saratoga Grays” in ‎Puget Sound Waters KIRO 7 Eyewitness News (CBS Seattle) February 22, 2016 Gray Whales Arrive for ‘Spring Visit’ in Puget Sound In the great migration of 22,000 eastern North Pacific gray whales, researchers have spotted some swimming in the Puget…