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Guide to Vancouver’s Marine Wildlife

Killer Whale, Breach, Orca, White Rock Sea Tours

Vancouver boasts some of the most diverse and exciting marine wildlife in North America. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the areas to encounter the magnificent creatures that can be spotted off the coast. Whales Killer Whale, Breach, Orca, White Rock Sea Tours The…

5 Weird Whale Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Orca jumping

Whales are cool and we know that. What about all the weird questions we have about them? You know, the things that you wouldn’t necessarily want to ask a friend or even captain Andrew on a whale watching tour? Hopefully this post can answer a couple of those questions for you. Maybe even some questions you…

Why Can’t Sharks & Whales Get Along?

Orca jumping

It is interesting that on the one hand the face of a white shark strikes fear into your heart, while a killer whale fills you with awe. Don’t get me wrong, sharks are scary and they should be feared. They are like a mean kid with no friends who just wants to be feared. Whales…

4 Fun Facts About Whales You Didn’t Know

Orca jumping

The mere size of a Killer Whale is striking, but there are many more amazing features that make these awesome creatures stand out. The reason people are so fascinated with whales and go on whale watching trips is because they are such powerful and incredible creatures. The size of them is one thing, but what…